Saturday, February 9, 2013

Jim Steranko Like You've Never Seen Him Before!

Okay, maybe you have-I just always wanted to say that-the magician poster is my last remaining Steranko autograph


  1. Just wondering where you acquired the Steranko Figure Drawing Instruction piece. Pretty wild. Are there any more pages like this either by Steranko or any artists displayed in your blog that we may not know about??

  2. This was from an early Mediascene where Steranko was showing us how to draw, and it led to the cover of a role-playing game book. I'll try to put a better post up about that, but lots of Steranko stuff is educational in that sense, as well as Hogarth (Dynamic Anatomy), and Gil Kane as well. I have lots of their art on the blog, but will keep an eye out for the better "how-to" drawings. Kirby and Frazetta are my favs, but you can't really study them like these other three.