Friday, February 19, 2010

Some Favorite Fanzine Art

rarely seen back half of Kline's wrap-around cover to his portfolio, issued as he Houdini'd
the best of another Houdini, Steve Fritz, in graytones and...

the odd blue color of publication

Wood's swansong for EC had to be self-published a decade later in Witzend

my favorite Fujitake-the Ditko influence is magnifico here

Corben's first two characteristics for me-airbrush and Jeet Kune Do

unremarkable Bob except for the city

Remarkable Bob

MCR stood for...

These two fanzine ads were great

Barry Smith's least imaginative sig

Fantucchio's take on a Ditko classic

My fourth favorite Dennis Fujitake (and it was too big to scan right!)

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