Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Unused Escapist by Jack Kirby

 We've long known the first image was unused in Mister Miracle #3, all about the hardest escape ever, an angry crowd (or, heck, in my case, just a crowd).  What I hadn't seen until now is that the second image that I've long perused was just a poor zerox.  Just found the first one in a fanzine from 1982, twelve years after the comic it shoulda been in.  Then we have the classic puzzle within the escape, where at the end of MM#3, Scott is thrown in a steamtrunk wrapped vigorously with rope, then at the beginning of MM#4, the steamtrunk has become smaller, and Scott himself is also wrapped up in ropes!  In Jack's defense, there was a lot goin on at the time (New Gods, Forever People, Jimmy Olsen).  Lastly, always dug this statuesque splash of MM, and just saw the back of the trade

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