Sunday, October 6, 2019

Steranko: Graphic Narrative

Okay, I always say I'm so broke I cannae pay attention, but shame on me for not knowing about this book!  Just came in at the local shop, but when I asked how much and whistled, they explained it's from 1978 and rare and not in a price guide.  One thing I noticed when flipping through it was a black and white version of the four-page splash from ST 167.  Dunnae have that, but this image from the comics (2 of them, member?) is as big as you wanna.  Everything in GN is black'n white, but I don't recall the third image, just wanted to slap it up


  1. So did you end up buying it? I don't really recommend it unless you just have to own every Steranko item out there. The book was put together for a Steranko exhibit in Winnipeg, and the text is pretty tedious, written by academics who seem to know very little about the comics medium. This is the source of the overblown list of Steranko's supposed "innovations" and a lot of them are just idiotic. The list was revisited and revised a little more critically in the recent Self-Created Man book, which has its own problems. We still need a thorough book on Steranko, but Vanguard doesn't seem to have moved on it.

    1. I've flipped through it three times now and agree with you, so I did not get it. Currently saving my sheckles for Ultimate Triumph by my two favs--Robert E Howard and Frank Frazetta