Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Sub Mariner VS Iron Man Re-Visited by Jack Kirby

Picked up a beat copy of Tales To Astonish #82 today for a song, and as I was showing the seller why it was so cool with the first silver-age crossover at Marvel, and Gene Colan gets the flu, so Kirby steps in ala Cap'n America #112 (the seller thanked me, bytheby, say'n he had no idea), it occurred to me that my post about it two years ago was somehow not enough.  I wanted just these three half-splashes to summarize the fight: Subby lands the first major blow, then they go toe-to-boot, then Iron Man delivers the K O.....sweet


  1. Also a rare (at that time) reunion of Kirby and Ayers (inking)

  2. True dat! A few years before, especially the monster stuff, Ayers did a Georgeous job ink'n Kirby