Friday, December 28, 2018

Who Colors Al Williamson?

Patrick asked on a two-year-old post of the Witch Queen who colored it (first item on here--check out the sketch of Doc and Flash with long hair), and I had no idea, but it sparked this post.  I know Marie Severin did a lot, and Al himself, but clue us in, y'all


  1. Marie did almost all of the EC stuff. We're unlikely ever to know who did any of his early work for other publishers other than the assumption that Stan Goldberg probably did a lot of his stuff for Atlas/Marvel.
    Tom Roberts did the Dark Horse Presents cover and the Marvel Flash Gordon comics, and I can't confirm it, but just on the basis of style, I wouldn't be surprised if he was the one who did the Flash Gordon print that started the conversation.
    Mark Wheatley did the Al Williamson Adventures cover.
    Other people known to have colored significant later works of Williamson:
    Rick Veitch did the Flash Gordon movie adaptation.
    Glynis Wein colored the Empire Strikes Back movie adaptation.
    Don Warfield colored Marvel's Star Wars #50.
    Marie Severin colored the Blade Runner movie adaptation.
    Christie Scheele, Bob Sharen & Louise Simonson all worked on the Return of the Jedi movie adaptation.
    Steve Oliff colored him in Pacific Comics Alien Worlds #1, and Tom Luth in Alien Worlds #8.
    Joe Chiodo did the Cliff Hanger backup stories in Pacific's Somerset Holmes series.
    Steve Buccellato, Matthew Hollingsworth, & Ray Myrtagh colored the Star Wars newsaper reprints in Dark Horse's Classic Star Wars.

    1. I thank you, and I'll bet Patrick thanks you, but you never confirmed or denied my guess that Al did some, and I only put up one of the gorgeous Union Carbides, but now I'm wonder'n about them

  2. As far as I know he never colored comic stories for publication, but some of the individual drawings, yeah, he used to color them at conventions for fans. I would guess that the Flash Gordon drawings that are your #30, #31, and the last one here are probably him. The Witch Queen poster might be him. I was actually looking at the wrong Flash poster when I wrote that first comment. The panoramic landscape with Flash Dale and Zarkov is the one I think Tom Roberts did.

  3. forgive the late reply :o
    is there a picture of the weird fantasy coverart before Frank added his inks?