Sunday, February 26, 2017

Black Bolt Bolts by Jack Kirby

I love Joe Sinnott inks on Kirby (second only to Mike Royer, I opine), but here's one of those panels where Jack's pencils shine (course it doesn't help to have Stan's dialog overly explain Jack's visual concepts)


  1. I'd say that Wally Wood was Jack's best-ever inker. And I'd also say it was Stan's dialogue that helped Jack reach the heights that he did. A case of 'One man's meat is another man's poison' perhaps...?

  2. Oh, I dunnae think we are that far apart, especially on Stan. I was speaking more of this particular panel, which originally was blank of any notes from Jack, and surrounded by panels with notes where Kirby had already stated what Stan put into these word balloons. The feeling I got was Jack wanted a wordless panel that focused on the majesty of BB tak'n flight. By and large, I was a Marvelite BECAUSE of the great "voice" of Stan Lee (and later Roy Thomas). I can also say thank you for reminding me of Wally and Jack, which I had spaced out in that moment. Sky Masters and Challengers are truly some of the most beautiful comics I've ever had the privilege to stare at