Sunday, January 3, 2016

Conan #16 Cover by Barry Smith

Coupla things here.  This is one of the few comics I possess in fairly nice shape (most are in Cap'n Condition, which is beat but complete).  How it survived all my viewings is a real mystery.  The reason I am scanning it and posting now is mainly because I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.  We went to The Denver Zoo Lights the other night, and it was 11 degrees without the wind-chill.  We got a white Christmas, and it has never melted due to the cold front(s).  This morning it really hit home when I chased a barking dog in shorts and socks.  Ymir, it's cold


  1. Closest BWS came to re-imagining a Frazetta cover (Conan of Cimmeria). I wonder if it was a conscious decision, since this cover was done well after the reprinted comics inside. Both covers are the best, for different reasons.

  2. True dat. Seems like the Conan of Cimmeria came out at around the same time, but Smith's cover is actually more faithful to the REH story