Saturday, July 25, 2015

More Preflyte by Barry Smith

Only the first image is new (I finally found the album in The Byrds bin at a used record shop).  please embiggen


  1. I remember seeing this album in a department store called the Treasury back in early 70's. Didn't buy it, but loved the Smith cover. Thanks for posting. Nice memory.

  2. Man, does that sound familiar--my big spot was a three story store called Rocky Mountain Records and tapes...I can still see all the Rich Corben and Roger Dean album covers I shoulda got, but they weren't on my soul/R&B music, and all those Frazetta World Beater posters

  3. I would buy albums just for the Roger Dean covers. In the case of Yes, that was cool, because I liked them, but I didn't know who Osibisa was, but bought two albums by them anyway. Turned out to be very interesting Afro-Cuban music. Also bought the Dust album Hard Attack for the Frazetta cover. Got a kick out of Molly Hatchet's first album cover ( never cared for that Southern Rock music, so did not purchase album) with a Frazetta cover, then the shift to Boris Valejo. Maybe a little cheaper to acquire than Frank.