Sunday, February 22, 2015

Coupla "Alien" Pictures by Tim Conrad fer Russ


  1. Thanks, Cap. Somebody ought to put together an art book on Conrad,including these and the later Savage Sword covers, as well as all the odd prints and pin-ups.Didn't he draw covers for the Marvel Index series featuring Thor and Dr. Strange, as well as Conan?
    Dark Horse reprinted Worms of the Earth; they should see the wisdom of putting him on some new Howard stuff.

  2. Yeah, it'd be great. Some Worms of the Earth, the Index covers, and some other Conrad has long been up here (use search, as I stink at those references at the end of posts). I cannae remember the story titles, but he did a Conan short story and a sci-fi/ fantasy adaptation along similar Howardesque lines