Saturday, March 24, 2012

Odds n Ends from Steranko, Bob Kline, Neal Adams, and Wrightson

Two of the Hercules covers by Jim Steranko (I'm not a big fan of the third, that reprises his classic Hulk)

Robert Kline did a great story about Gorvan in Anamoly 2, which I'll try to post soon

Neal Adams proves you CAN make a gun that shoots around corners

And this is my all-time favorite picture from Berni Wrightson, this time in high res from my beat copy


  1. I really need to read the Knives of Kush.. I heard they were making that one into a movie!

  2. Thanks for the news, Artie! I hadn't heard that, and I've loved Herc (and Steranko) since you were just a twinkle