Thursday, May 2, 2013

What Is This Is by Jim Steranko

Help!  What is this?  Anyone know--or, more importantly to me, anyone have a better image?  All I recall is that this picture's original art was for sale 10-12 years ago, but my scan is all blurry, and if it's posted clearer somewhere, I dunno how to find it


  1. That looks like Talon, try the
    I think there's one there the same size.
    I still love all of his stuff, just great.
    ~ jim b.

  2. Thanks, jim, I'm adding Tony's scan cuz it's clearer, but I'm not convinced it's Talon. To me, it looks like something for a sci-fi mag like Analog or Galaxy,...

  3. Since my original post I had acquired a much larger version of that image (thank you Manny Maris) but never had it scanned. I had to scan it in sections, and with the help of John G, he put it back together. It can be seen here is all its glory:

  4. Very nice, Tony! A really beautiful work of art