Thursday, June 22, 2017

Time Travel'n With Jim Steranko

1973, an this nerd wantsto come over to my crib (I'm a junior in veryhigh school, so my crib is a basement), and besides all these Frazetta covers he thinks I havenae seen (neenerneener, I HAVE seenem), he brings the first issue of Steranko's Comixscene, which is news to me (I traded for it, then sold for beer money a year later).  So....I suscribe, then dunnae even know my mail'n address (college, parental divorce, etc.etc.) and missed this issue.  At college, however, I master an early video game called Bi-plane, and become a legend.  cool

Robot Assassin by Gil kane

Ya ever flip thru a throwaway and stop on a page and/or panel and say, "Now this is interest'n...."?  Dunnae know for sure, but this was Team-Up 2 or some such

Vein The Barbarian by Rich Corben

Maybe my favorite panel from the incred underground Fantagor 4, where the moronic hero charges to the rescue right before hit'n the snare that everyone but himself can plainly see.  Sump'n philosophic in all that, methinks

The Jack Kirby Treasury Vol 1

Monday, June 19, 2017

Machinery Lalapalooza by Jim Steranko

Remember, always have chicken wings handy.  If she asks, "Does this machinery make my lower deck look big?," you must grab a wing, bite it, and act like yer chok'n on a bone

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Encounter At War by Rich Corben

And Jan Strand (art rules, story drools, methinks, but Jan was onea my favs).  Sorry this took so long, Mike! (yep, yer the only holla I got)  As I looked again at the fanzine, Anomaly #3 version of this, I decided to Pasedena on the comparison to this redrawn version from the underground, Anomaly#4.  This is muchmuch better, so......Happy Father's Day! and please never leave dad stranded on a hostile planet!  Here's a dad joke:  two fish were in a tank, and one fish turns to the other and says, "Do you have any idea how to drive this thing?"  ouch