Thursday, May 9, 2013

Coloring Books by Jim Steranko

Do these really exist?  I need them if they do, and I promise I won't color in them, even though Steranko said I could.  Someone commented on my History of Comics post that they were anxiously awaiting the volume with the Black Terror cover, and maybe they confused the history with the encyclopedia.  Hopefully we'll get some answers at Denver Comicon May 31-June2, 2013


  1. I ordered these in 1972 when they were first advertised in Comixscene. I asked Steranko about them around 1995 and he said he still planned on publishing them. Other than the three drawings in the ads and Steranko's imagination, I do not believe they exist. There is book out that I just discovered with 6 pages of Steranko art, most of it never published. It is called Comics Sketchbooks by Steven Heller.

  2. Thanks, Tony, you are TRULY our Steranko scholar! It is really incredible the amount of art Jim produced in a relatively short span, and I appreciate every lead and/ or insight you have