Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jeff Jones--Wizard of the Paperback


  1. Incredible! Thanks for taking the time to post so many Jeff Jones images. I follow your blog and frequently gain inspiration from your posts. I'd like to eventually own a copy of The Art of Jeffrey Jones, but they are hard to come by it seems. I see there's a new book Jeffrey Jones: The Definitive Reference, but it doesn't have any reviews on Amazon yet. Anyone know if it has large quality reproductions of images like these?

    1. First I've heard of it, so I won't comment except to say wow!, cuz if it comes out soon this could be my fantasy summer for publications--I'm even more excited about Steranko's new book from Vanguard

  2. ALL of Jeffrey's paperbacks (and so much more) are in the the new Vanguard book Jeffrey Jones: The Definitive Reference.