Saturday, October 20, 2018

Wolverine Begins by Barry Smith

And the Magnus pose

Stowaway To The Stars Trio by John Byrne

I know, I know, been around a while, but no one ever said I'm the fastest on the uptake.  I dig how Byrne doing "clean" lines for a color'n book seems to channel Kaluta

Computer Love by John Buscema

The best (methinks) of many great images from Silver Surfer #1

Another Talon by Jim Steranko

Talon on newsprint....but still Talon! (the inhouse ad for Conan #2 "Conan in chains...but still Conan!" may be my most iconic comic-memory

Simba by Clyde Caldwell

Years later, the tough barbarian became a cuddly lion cub

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Diablo by Jack Kirby

As he explained to the Fantastic Four, "The greatest alchemist of all time!"  If you havena read the novel The Alchemist, you really must

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Space Detective Inside Covers by Wally Wood

The first two inside front covers to the Avon comic.  I dunnae if Wood did more, but if he did, I'd dig see'n those also.  The library is retrieving a 6-year-old book for me that supposedly will have the definitive answer....more later (of course The Master of Kung-Fu would balk at this, preferring less later and more now)

Monday, October 15, 2018

Chamber Of Darkness #7 Cover by Berni Wrightson

Oh, my heck!  Now we can see the original art to onea my all-time fav covers (the insides weren't too shabby, neither).  I have a few hundred comics and mags, probably about a third of what I wish I possessed, but this is one I've almost always kept a copy around.  Great young Wrightson, methinks

Blue Beetle VS The Specter by Steve Ditko

So, Charlton is all excited over Ditko doing BB for them, and then they cancel it before this amaz'n issue 6.  How do you hit a foe you can't see?  Aim somewhere near the striping on the mostly invisible costume

Another Shadow by Jim Steranko

Not often the victim hands you a clue about their killer (unless you read the original Sherlock Holmes, natch)

The Flying Knight!! by Jack Kirby

As my mawmaw (mom's mom) useta say, "What in the world?!!?"  I want a wingie-thingie, but more than that, I wanna know Jack's back-story on this guy (Jack's back-stories on his creations were always amazeballs).  Speak'n of Jack's back-stories, I've often thought the Silver Surfer reminds me of onea those scouts in the Old West, a guy who instinctively knew the lay of the land, was one with his horse (surfboard), and went back for the fatcats (Galactus) to tell them the best way to travel

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Vikings by Gil Kane

Just onea those weird but wonderful things from the world of silver age comic art, I dunnae if it was even for sumpn published

Black Panther VS Cap'n America by Jack Kirby

They never REALLY fought, but it woulda been epic

Hulk #340 Cover by Todd McFarlane

Onea those iconic covers that grabbed me from the first time I laid eyes on it

Friday, October 12, 2018

Overstreet Batman by Jim Steranko

and the sketch we saw long before the price guide cover.  Both awesome in differ'n ways

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Bug-Eyed Monster by Wally Wood

Be the first to name the EC comic cover this B.E.M. appeared on, and win a coveted non-prize

....two days later, and we have a winner (thanks meamwayne)

Reactron VS Bar Code by Gil Kane

Gil Kane was perfect for this costume, but we first see it battl'n Bar Code, then next issue, evades Bar Code, but the insidious Coffee Spiller attacks

I'll Be Damned #1 by Frank Frazetta

Had these up before, but not together, and not as good a front cover (and I even owned the Damn thing for a hot minute).  All he did for this fanzine, but still awesome (Kline, Kaluta, Steranko, and I think Jeff Jones were in it, also)