Thursday, May 2, 2013

Flash Gordon by Wally Wood

Many thanks to BrittReid for turn'n me onto this, the back-up in King Comics The Phantom #18 from 1966 (Thunder era).  I haven't found #s 19 and 20 with Gil Kane back-ups concluding this, but BrittReid has the whole enchilada over at Atomic Kommie Comics.  The black'n white is the back of a Flash Gordon fanzine called Heritage.  So now I'll start the ball rollin again by saying I believe what you see here is the complete works of Flash Gordon by Wally Wood, and again (as with Gil Kane), I would love somebody to prove me wrong


  1. You're not counting Wood's "Flesh Garden" from MAD?
    C'mon, it's a classic!

  2. Thanks again--as Steve Martin says, the two simple words that solve every problem are "I forgot". Wood's Mad stuff was truly beautiful, great use of zip-a-tone, inking, etc., etc. I just always liked the cereal stuff better