Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween by Berni Wrightson

Remember to always get out of the circle Before summoning---the warning's right there on the candle box

Cap'n America/ Conan by Jim Steranko

This iconic pose had already been used by Frazetta, but Steranko made a NEW version, which I find che cool

Big Barda (?) by Jack Kirby

Dunnae know if this was meant to be Big Barda, but it sure LOOKS like her (shades of Roz)

Pa! Ma! by Rich Corben

At one point Warren publishing decided to add color to their black'n white mags, but I really don't agree that more is more.  That being said, Gore's art is amaz'n here (dig me some Corben rocks), and I slapped up the Frazetta cover to this ish (for a better look at the cover, search Luana on here).  I think I say it too much, but embiggen and enjoy

Stardate Sci-Fi Gaming Vol 3 #6 Cover by Frank Frazetta

Here's an oddity....this version of Death Dealer was on the cover of a trekkie (???) oriented gaming magazine from 1987

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Weird Worlds #6 Cover by Mike Kaluta

Onea those covers that makes me break into the Oh Yeah song from Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Iron Man Sketch by Jack Kirby

Oh my heck!  This con sketch is up for grabs on Ebay(ends this weekend, so hurry), and it is just my cupa---a detailed sketch by Jack at the height of his power, and I've never seen it.  Grooooovy