Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dragon Me Down by Barry Smith

Just maybe the best Conan comic panel.  ever

The Hyborian Age by Tim Conrad

Not how I envision Robert E. Howard's great age of Conan (I see it pretty much how Europe, the Mid-East, and Northern Africa are now), but I sure dig it

Beyonder the Farthest Star by Frank Frazetta

In the way back, my post on this was contrasting the two paintings Fritz did for this title, but I neglected to put up the original great paperback cover

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fantastic Four by Jack Kirby

Great details, great Mike Royer inks

The Butterfly Effect by Al Williamson

Probably drawn 35-40 years before the movie was made---as I recall, one of these time travelers stepped on a butterfly, and came by to a wack present

Another Light'n Rod by Frank Frazetta

In the not too distant, I put up two very diff versions of Against the Gods, so now here's one of those two as an animated cel (I think I recall this in a commercial back in the day)

Toys For Tots by Jack Kirby

Guess we missed out on Doc Doom making nice