Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ancient of Days Heroes by Jim Steranko and Frank Frazetta

Batman turns 75 this year, and Steranko has done this amaz'n cover (please embiggen the first), but Cap'n America is no slouch in the age dept., now turn'n 73.  Course, they are both puppies compared to 80-year-old Conan.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Cover to A Princess of Mars by Frank Frazetta

Except for the roughs, I know I've put this up before.  The first rough here was originally intended to be the cover, hence the initial colors (I've cropped away the colored title).  I love the cover painting that was published, and, like I said before, the three great interiors, but I gotta wonder what that interior wouldacoulda been like as a full-blown painting........

Friday, April 18, 2014

Rune Trad'n Card by Barry Smith

Best of the small batch of cards, and great Easter colors

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Axe, and Ye Shall Receive by Frank Frazetta

Unwittingly, for the longest time I've missed the thrill of seeing new (to me) Frazetta.  First is one of the hardest paperbacks to find in any condition, let alone clean, then is a better scan of an unused DD cover, and finally a Conan sketch I have never seen until today.  Nice

Kolorful Jack Kirby

On top of everything else, Jack had a heluva good time with the ol magic markers

Frankenstein Alive, Alive! #3 by Berni Wrightson

The waiting is over!  And it was well worth the wait!  This comic unites one of the greatest living artists with the subject he was born to draw, in my opinion, and every curve and shadow of the skin, every lab jar and beaker, wrinkle of cloth, raindrop, blade of grass, brick, book, and every tree is just superb.  I hope not, but if it takes another year for #4, so be it

Fantastic Four #1 Cover by Jack Kirby

Not sure if I'm following this correctly (and ya know my only mistake was saying I never make mistakes), but apparently this original splash page sold today for 1 MILLION dollars, and may be Jack's first attempt at the cover for FF #1.  It was published as a splash page in Strange Tales #96.  Certainly looks a lot like the published cover, and if someone's dropping the same amount of moolah as Dr. Evil demanded to spare the world, I'd assume they've done their homework.  Even if it's not truly the first FF cover, I know Frazettas are commanding a cool mil, so why not Kirbys?  And it truly is a beautiful drawing