Thursday, August 27, 2015

Some Berni Wrightson

Frankenstein (errr...The Hulk) by Jack Kirby

This old image looks like the original concept of turning Frankenstein into a modern supr-being

Death Rattle #1 Cover by Rich Corben

Finally, an image of this that looks like what I saw when I got it in the mail in the early seventies.  Amaz'n airbrush that needs to be embiggened

Coupla Silver Surfers by Jack Kirby

Looks like somebody got into cross-fit train'n since the Buscema era

The Last Atlantean by Barry Smith

One of the images I can't seem to stop putting up.  This print is, though, quite nice

Conan The Adventurer by Frank Frazetta

So....I THINK this is the right order.  First Fritz does a practice drawing of this guy Conan, then a rough for his first Conan cover, then the cover (first time I knew about Conan OR Frazetta), then Lancer Books does a promo poster, then Ellie does a World Beater poster, and finally there's a movie poster

Ta-ta To Taa by Jack Kirby

The most interest'n man in the world doesn't always drink beer--er, doesn't always get into reprints, but when he does, it's because of nice printing and coloring like this.  The origin of Galactus from Thor #169 was redone beautifully in a 1996 special called....let's see, oh, yeah, The Origin Of Galactus.  New colors by Greg Wright, who, if I'm not mistaken, also had a hit song called Dream Weaver