Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Hats Off To Chandler by Jim Steranko

Somehow think'n of an old song verse, "My home is my head...unless it rains"

Go'n Out West by Gil Kane

Kane did several great Daredevil covers, but this one caught my eye just this week with the new printing sans word balloons.  I think any cover looks better without the dialog

Fantasy Crossroads #7 Cover by Gene Day

 1976, and Gene was still in his fanzine mode, which I dug.  Only problem for me is the dragon rider always makes me think of the swedish chef from the Muppets, and I start talk'n and sing'n all weird

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Conan #1 by Barry Smith

 Okay, onea the most fundundant images on here, but I just saw the first image, and dug it.  Seems a little more open to me, and I luv having Robert E. Howard across the top

Colossor by Bob Kline

 Okay, just the sketches are Kline, but I takes what I can gets.  Still pine over what fanzine art we missed out on cause of Bob's love for animation