Friday, November 28, 2014

Coupla Anomalies by Rich Corben

So, Anomaly the fanzine had three great issues, but didn't sell like it shoulda, and come back as an underground for issue #4.  I first saw it in a headshop as an underground, and it was a beauty.  His Master's Voice had brighter colors, and the story Encounter At War had better airbrush.  I'm certainly glad I eventually went back and got the fanzines (Bob Kline ruled), but that underground was sump'n else

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thankful For Heroes Unlimited by Jim Steranko

Many moons ago, I found a tiny ad for Heroes Unlimited 2 (fourth image) and had always wished, but forgotten I'd wished, I had a larger image.  Embiggen the first image as big as you want, it now matches or surpasses the detail of Vol 1 (fifth image).  che nice

Stereon (Cap'n 3-D) by Jack Kirby

Com'n atcha right off the page!  Here's an exception to my rule of dismissing Jack's latter work-even the disproportionate stuff is cool

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Green Giant by Jeff Jones giant (probably before your time as far as embedded commercials go, but it certainly stuck with me---Green Giant canned vegetables were advertised constantly when I was a sprout)  Just saw this today, and I dig it.  If you know anything about it, I'd 'preciate a holla

Coupla Flash Gordons by Dennis Fujitake

Right after Bob Kline, Fujitake was my favorite artist to find nestled in the pages of some early fanzine

An Amaz'n Thing by Jim Steranko

Yep, the Thing's face as a maze.  Genius.  Pretty sure it's Steranko cuz it's a FOOM maze, and Jim Steranko was the driving force for most of the early FOOM

Monday, November 24, 2014

Undersea Agent #6 Cover by Wally Wood

Oh, my heck!  Embiggen and enjoy this great cover, cuz like I said a coupla posts ago, I've never seen this scanned right on the web, and it happens to be onea my few nice condition comics (Nice is part of my own made-up grading system)