Saturday, February 6, 2016

Three Plate 4s by Barry Smith

My favorite plate from Tupenny Conan.  I started this blog with this image six years ago, and here we have three beautiful versions

Friday, February 5, 2016

Look Into My Eyes by Jim Steranko

Here we have opposites---first is the intense stare-down of Eric John Stark, and the other end of the spectrum-Sightless Guy

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Esquire Magazine illo by Jack Kirby

This is, quite literally, too cool for school

Back Of Infinity #3 Fanzine by Bob Kline

Have I mentioned he did some of his inks with toothpicks and q-tips?  So dig this guy

Isaac! by Neal Adams

Isaac was in GL/GA #89, but I put up the cover of #87 with him cause it was so so much better

Satan's Angels by Frank Frazetta

Saw it at an Army PX one time in the early seventies, but it looked like a lame read, so I dinnae even get it, but I'm wondering if Angels was a mix-up twixt Fritz and the author/publishers, as the cover says Outlaws

The Tick by Ben Edlund

"The Tick stands ready to look Evil in the eye and tell it to KNOCK IT OFF!"  My favorite moment in the television show ( and there were several great moments) was as The Tick sat at the bar in a club full of super-heroes, and a guy dressed very similar to this burst through the front door and shouted, "Okay!  Who's the jerk going around calling himself The Tick?"  A moment of silence, and then, very John-Wayne like, The Tick stands up and says firmly, "I'm that jerk!"