Saturday, May 23, 2015

Alien VS Batman by Berni Wrightson

Good thing Batman had a girlfriend at the time of this conflixtion, Batman

Pellucidar by Frank Frazetta

Just got the PB again, and it confirms what I usually say (Cap'n's Comics--fun but redundant)--the original paperback cover is usually the best.  So, once Wally Wood had his character Dynamo being dropped out of a bombay door onto the bad guys, and Dynamo says, "Bum's away!"  That just might apply here

More Mad Electrons by Jim Steranko

A couple we haven't seen before (at least on here)

Bucky, Cap'n America, and The Red Skull by Jack Kirby

As big as you wanna (that is, please embiggen).  If you go to a support group and say, "Hi, my name is Bucky," you'll already be gett'n twice the love of the regular Joe.  That being said, one of the all-time great kickers in the NFL was named Bucky, so go figure

Thursday, May 21, 2015

If Frank Frazetta Illustrated The Jungle Book

Actually, ERB's tale has some strik'n similarities to the one spun by Kipling

The Wrighthing (and Hulk) by Berni Wrightson

Sometimes, the wrighthing can be a monstrous task

Ulik by Jack Kirby

As Thor learned, an angry Ulik is probably the best reason to strive to never lose your memory and join the circus