Wednesday, July 18, 2018

This Do Be...Modok! by Jack Kirby

Aristotle said, "To be is to do."  Socrates said, "To do is to be."  Sinatra said, "Dobedobedo"

The Muck Monster by Berni Wrightson

And Jeff Jones

Leo At War by Frank Frazetta

Speak'n of lions (two posts back), dussin this guy at the top o the tank have a cat face?  Been wrong about Fritz before, but I cannae stop wondering

Stuntman by Jack Kirby

The Stuntman for the Black Book Valentine for Roz is completely diff, so where is THIS from?  If you know, clue a cap'n in, K

Leo And Taurus by Wally Wood

Crazy idea, but could the Lion guy been intended for Prelude To Armageddon?  Never saw him, but this one stance makes me wonder.  Creepy #41, then colorized in World of Wood #3