Monday, September 1, 2014

The Wizard of Lemuria by Jeff Jones

Dunnae know why, but I've never seen a decent copy of this PB.  I first encountered it at the Nurnberg PX, rubber-banded together with five other paperbacks in the six for a dollar bin (talk about diss'n a cover)

Creepy #17 Cover by Frank Frazetta

Like we always say at work after a big mistake--"Heads will roll!"  Fritz does a great job of capturing an icon here, medieval vision of da Grim Reaper

Angry Charlie by Jack Kirby

Dig'n those eyes

The Boy Who Loved Trees! by Barry Smith

"Cap'n never puts up complete stories!"  Yeah, and the checks in the mail, it's only a cold sore, and I promise you won't get pregnant

Four Covers by Wally Wood

Second was a cover on the adzine Rocket's Blast Comics Collector, and the last one was never used, but it woulda been a great western paperback cover, ala Steranko

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Are Ya Ready For Some Football? by Jack Kirby

This weekend kicks off college ball, and then here comes the NFL!  Please embiggen

K'ing Kung-Fu #4 by Barry Smith

First three covers were painted (search K'ing for everything), but I just realized I had never scanned the only one I possess, this colored pen'n ink by Barry.  All four were on the rack at the same time in the bookstore at the Citadel Mall, but I only desired this un, and after buying it, I stuck it in my back pocket and went over to the mall's arcade for another marathon pinball game.  sweet