Friday, July 25, 2014

The Dancer From Atlantis by Frank Frazetta

Just had some collector's serendipity on this book.  I saw it last year at Tattered Books in Grand Island, Nebraska (anybody seen Bruce Dern in Nebraska?), but it was in pretty bad shape and seven bucks, so I Pasadena'd on getting it, then often regretted that this past winter.  When I realized I was passing through on Monday, I decided if it was still there, I would get it.  Grand Island's downtown, however, is pretty sleepy, and most shops, including Tattered Books, are closed on Mondays.  Rats! says I, trying to peer in a dark window.  Four days later, tonight, we're sitting at an outdoor pub in Lafayette, Colorado, when I see across the street two little neon signs--Open and Books.  And there it was, a pristine copy for five bucks....nice

Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD #1 by Jim Steranko

This wraparound cover for the reprints of #1 and #2 suffered from the same fate as most great wraparounds---staples right in the middle of a great image.  This copy of that cover (from Comic Book Marketplace ((the Steranko issue-duh)) doesn't suffer from the same fate, but here the colors are too much.  I vow to continue to search for the perfect version of this amaz'n cover

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pencil Trio by Jack Kirby

A. maz. 'n

More Fun With Fanzines

More like more fun with Prozines.  Guess which Jack Kirby I had never seen before

Sleepy Hollow by Berni Wrightson and Frank Frazetta

If you haven't read the classic Legend of Sleepy Hollow, please do.  This story has always struck me as amaz'n story-telling (and I used to be an Icky--a school teacher like Ichabod Crane)