Monday, January 14, 2019

CFA-APA Cover by Jack Kirby

Fourth version of The Fantastic Four #89 cover I've seen, and the color'n is che nice

Trio Of Studio Covers

European version of Kaluta, Steranko, and Smith

Dow Chemical Girl by Frank Frazetta

The home of tomorrow has been on here before, but this is biggerbetterfasterstronger

New Gods #7 Cover by Jack Kirby

One of those times I heard the choir was when I saw this on the spinner rack at the 7-11 in Clarksville, Texas (pretty much the birthplace of 7-11)

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Swamp Thing VS Frankenstein by Berni Wrightson

First Lightray by Jack Kirby

Just realized the original publication of Kirby's Gods concepts were much much richer in the colors

Trio Of Tiny Treasures

Wrightson, Williamson, and Steranko.  Would love to see these bigger, but I dunnae how