Friday, March 17, 2023

Fight'n American Pencils by Jack Kirby

First are the pencils I just saw, then how I sorta saw the pencils in the wayback, then the great cover to Jack Kirby Masterworks.  So, I must mention (again) onea my fav Al Jarreau sound bites: "Wait a little while to welcome what you're after
Give it the time to find its way to you
And soon as you no longer try, you'll turn and find it standing by your side
Come and get it, when you let it, it'll come to you"

Gimme A Ring Sometime by Gil Kane

Just remembered ANOTHER Gil Kane post I wanna do up right--The Ring Of The Nibelung.  Had those four books for a hot minute when they came out, but, knowing myself, must have traded them in for some fanzine 

ERB Fanzine Cover by Gil Kane

Makes me wanna tackle that Tarzan by Gil Kane post I been think'n about

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Another Fantastic Jeff Jones

Call me whimsical, call me scatter-brained (just don't call me late to dinner), but I feel like I've never seen this.  Probably have, though, and it may even be up on here in the wayback (who knows?).  Anyway, che great

Coupla More Golden Age Greats by Bill Black

Okay, so Russ led me to the insides of GAG 1974 (thanks, Russ!).  Meanwhile, back at the ranch (over on eBay), we can see some guts from GAG 1971.  So, here's my two favs, Web and Doc Mid-Nite, first from 1971, then 1974

Fantastic Crimson Gray

 Coupla great covers by Gray Morrow.  Now that I say it, it seems like crimsongray is a real colors

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

The Bootleg Poster by Frank Frazetta

Yeah, yeah, been up before, but tis che cool, and the first image is new to me