Thursday, October 23, 2014

Moonlight Ride On Mars by Roy Krenkel

Krenkel is a wonderful indulgence for me.  I love the guy ( if you've  never seen his classic portrait with his shoes curling up, please look it up), but somehow I can look at a dozen of his works and go "nah, not so hot...nope..nah...", and then, that thirteenth picture or so, I'll stop and stare in utter amazement at his genius.  This is one of those amaz'n thirteenth pictures

New Gods Reprints by Jack Kirby

I'd put up all the reprint covers here, but they aren't my cupa.  This promo poster rocked, however. Get big

Wither'n by Barry Smith

This is magnificently terrify'n to me, and I'm not sure why.  That road is so familiar

T-Rex by Frank Frazetta

Fritz is definitely the T-Rex of my world, but I have no clue what all that means

Galactus by Jack Kirby

From the Black Book Valentine to Roz.  We're very fortunate she decided to give her special present to the world

Beat'n The Odds by Frank Frazetta

The first two scans are the only two items I bought today from the used book/used record store.  Dave (class of '72 at CU) talked about a lotta life/things while he rang me up, but he never noticed that the picture on the album was darn near the picture on the PB.  And he will definitely never learn about it from this blog.  As near as I can tell, his remaining cells are dedicated to music trivia.  He knows in detail how everyone died/dies in the music industry

Superman by Jack Kirby

Jack dinnae do a ton of Supes, which is fine by me.  I know Superman is the Alpha, The Godfather, of all we hold dear, I've just personally never cared much for him.  Kirby's Superman in Jimmy Olsen wudda been magnificent if they hadn't butchered it, and I really dig medieval Supes by Wally Wood, but if you feel me at all, it's all about that Bass (art), no Treble (story, character,etc.)