Sunday, November 23, 2014

Kamandi #2 by Berni Wrightson

Recently Scott (who owns a Berni Wrightson original, so he has some clout) asked me if I knew about the Shadow ad in Kamandi #2, which caused me to snort of course! and explain the whole Steranko/Wrightson?Kaluta thingie about The Shadow.  Kinda glad we had all three tackle him

Coupla Watery Wally Wood

First an EC weird sci-fantasy, then ink'n Gil Kane on Undersea Agent #5, onea my fav covers (numerous posts).  This is all lead'n to my diggin out Undersea Agent #6 and scanning IT, cuz no one has done it justice on the web, and it is truly a beaut

Fantastic Four Cover #82 by Jack Kirby

If you embiggen these images, a coupla things become apparent:  A) The FOOM mini-poster wasn't all that mini, and #2) Even my poor condition copy of the original is just beautiful, with the coloring really enhanc'n an already incredible piece of art

Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Trio of Rare Frank Frazetta

First is the original for onea the Canaveral plates.  The plates were awesome, but a little too bright for my taste, so this is even better.  Then we have a commission (maybe?), and then a frostipiece for the sci-fi book club, proving once again that unless Fritz altered it to his own barbaric, larger-than-life style, he wasn't so hot with astronauts and spaceships

Conan Saga #2 Cover by Barry Smith

So I think I have this sequence right.  At the end of Conan Saga #1, we see this rough of what the next cover will be, then a more completed picture, then a change to the cover being about Tower Of The Elephant instead of Devil Wings Over Shadizar, then THAT piece gets changed to more what the tower is described as in Robert E. Howard's story, then the published cover (phew!).  While the finished cover is great, it sorta feels like we missed out on two more great covers, and Conan Sagas were all about the covers

A Third Doc Doom by Jim Steranko

Member when I asked if there were more Steranko Doctor Dooms out there than the two I'd put up? (you member)  Well, somebody pointed out this beauty on the History of Comics cover.  Please let me know if you think of others

Opar Press Ad by Frank Frazetta

1970, and Opar Press is rock'n and roll'n out of our little mountain community of Evergreen, and this was a few years before Middle Earth got started in Denver.  First is the ad in RBCC, then the plate for the ad (see an earlier Fritz post for most of these 16 plates)