Thursday, January 11, 2018

Rage On Against The Robots by Wally Wood

This sketch from the personal collection of Al Williamson (dunnae bout you, but the Cap'n's personal collection is just some raggedy comics, mags, and clippins) shows a defiance of the robotics Asimov and other greats encourages us in.  A Thor-like balpeen hammer may not cut it, but it's all about the tude.  Have you seen this week's break'n news on robotic strippers?  Fallon says we must now make sure our dollars for the stripper must be perfectly flat.  Rage on, rage on, against the dyin of the light

Centerspread From Kirby Unleashed by Jack Kirby

For years I been wait'n for a bigger scanner, but apparently giant scanners "are FROWNED UPON in this establishment...."  Still pretty great-great, and as big as ya wanna