Sunday, June 17, 2018

Doctor Doom by Jack Kirby

While tirelessly research'n my last post (okay, while mindlessly surf'n the net), I came upon this first image, and realized I'd never thought about the original art for this Marvelmania poster grail (I'm leav'n off a good dozen OTHER images I've posted of this), and so, let's get all Zen with another Unconscious Competence example, and feel the Force

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Conan #5 Cover by Barry Smith

Although I love this cover, I was never a big fan of the insides of this issue.  It looks like Barry did some amaz'n art for the whole issue, and then the butcher'n began, mostly from Frank Giacoia's inks

Some House of Secrets Fantasy by Gil Kane and Neal Adams

These guys worked great together (fav was the Dark Man Conan story they did a few years later)

Doc Strange Splash by Steve Ditko

I know the Village in New York City musta been wild in the 60s, but this cat run'n around would've even freaked out the far-out

King Komix Kover by Jack Kirby

Missed this last year, but it looks che cool.  If you know what's inside, please clue me in

Friday, June 8, 2018

Conan #16 Cover by Barry Smith

Onea my grails, I sat and stared in amazement for quite some time (forty-five years) when this came out