Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Shadow by Mike Kaluta

The print was great, but I so dig the ad.  Smok'n gun blending with the shadows is che artsy-fartsy


  1. I love Kaluta's Shadow. I was a fan of the old pulp novels, especially The Shadow, Doc Savage and The Spider, and loved their old covers. Then Mike Kaluta came along in the 70s(? Really? Was it that long ago?) and made me love the Shadow all over again.

  2. Steranko, Wrightson, and then Kaluta were the inspirations for me as far as The Shadow goes, but it was very serendipity on Kaluta doing The Shadow art, in that he is indeed the perfect fit. His details on the old cars and buildings alone just boggle. If you havena, please search Kaluta Shadow on here