Sunday, November 12, 2017

Tarzan by Joe Kubert and Neal Adams


  1. Lovely shots, and i'd very much like to see that Adams piece fully inked & coloured. But, you're a big tease!
    Recent conversations led to discussing who (among the old 70s artists at DC back in the day) we'd want most to see Neal Adams inking. The big two we wanted to see and are hunting for currently are Joe Kubert and Jim Aparo. I thought you found some for me.
    Still, can't complain about such nice pics, eh?
    Question though - DTFF? Any clue what that is? So far my best guess is Down Town Fan Festival or Fan Fair, but somehow that doesn't seem quite likely. Curiosity, y'know.

  2. Missed it by that much(my thumb and forefinger are only an inch apart)!-as Maxwell Smart usedta say. I've added some more covers from (drumroll) The Detroit Triple Fan Fair. The 70s in Detroit seem amaz'n to me-besides comic stuff, the home of Motown was in full swing. Dunnae know how to help you on Neal Adams ink'n for Joe Kubert, though

  3. That Steranko drawing: He did a couple of those western things. Any idea what they were done for?

  4. The goofy redundancy is to say DTFF, but, yeah, seems to dig westerns-he's done paperback covers and comic covers by the fistful-but I dunnae the original intent for this