Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Comic by Jack Kirby!!!!

Okay, yeah, you know the drill--it's just new to me.  I got a copy of Cap'n A 112 some twenty years ago (in not-so-great, or what my homies call "Cap'n condition") at this weird little shop that was only there for a minute.  Well, Wayne just hooked me up with this un, and it ain't too shabby.  I hate to bore you, but if you've never heard the urban legend of this comic, let me bend yer ear.  So Jim Steranko re-invented Captain America in issues 110 and 111, but he had had all kinds of tiffs with Stan Lee, and came up with the idea of turning in his landmark issue (the death of Cap'n A) too late for editorial destruction, but Lee wasn't just going to sit back and wait, so he asked Jack to whip out an issue OVER THE WEEKEND, and this is it.  wow  Steranko was bumped to issue 113, and we missed out on the skull cover, but we got a cemetary-scene cover, so....


  1. It ain't an urban legend.
    Kirby did it over a weekend, George Tuska inked it as it was being dialoged and lettered (Note number of four panel or less pages and the mimumum of solid black areas) and the printer's deadline was met.
    Ironically, art from this issue is still being used on Marvel merchandise to this day...

  2. Yeah, Kirby was amaz'n, and I know what you mean, I still see the Subby and Cap splashes all over creation. I sometime soon wanna talk about those Iron Man panels, though, my personal fav