Thursday, June 5, 2014

POW! (Or 1984) by Wally Wood (and then Rich Corben)

Don't know if anything else was done (if so, I'd love to see it), but Wally did this sketch for Jim Warren for a proposed magazine to compete with the new, hot magazine Heavy Metal.  Warren changed the name (1984 was way in the future, right? and Prince was sing'n that tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999), and had Corben do the first two covers (that Hans is so hot right now, Zoolander).  Corb's cover on #1 is amaz'n and one of my favs by him, but Wally Wood had this incredible scene of a triumphant warrior and a slave parading down the street in a very different New York.  I'm glad we have both, and the couple in Wally's sketch look a lot like the Cap'n and his first mate in their younger days

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