Monday, June 30, 2014

Cap'n America The Poster by Jim Steranko

Start'n the countdown to the 4th of July early (but it IS this week)


  1. I actually got ahold of the CFA-APA several years ago and it is an oddity. There were contributors who either had no idea who Steranko is or were not interested in discussing him, and there was at least one downright hostile member who nonetheless contributed a ton of shot-from-comic pages. Someone managed to include full-size original art pages from SHIELD and Tower of Shadows, which were highlights to me.
    Do APAs still exist or is there the digital equivalent these days? I love and miss the old fanzines, but they seemed to have faded since the 1970s.

  2. I like to think fan blogs are the current digital equivalent, but, yeah, fanzines have faded. Comic Attack has a great series of posts on the old fanzines, and mr. doortree of The Golden Age has done some beautiful posts. The Comic and Fantasy Art Amateur Press Association was fairly exclusive (i.e. pricey) and during a time I was raising kids and out of the loop (1985 till about 2000), but some of them look quite interest'n. Besides the Steranko issue #42, there were issues devoted to Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby, and they still show up now and then on ebay

  3. I'm of course grateful for what Ken Meyer and good old Mr. Doortree have made available, and I greatly appreciate your efforts as well.

    I made a custom Steranko fanzine for myself by printing out articles and art from various sites, and did the same for Guido Crepax. I just like fanzines as objects, and it's always possible to assemble one's own, as long as it's only for personal use. You have your pick of whatever contents appeal to you: the cover can be by Frazetta or Fellini; articles by or interviews with anyone from Will Eisner to William Burroughs, comics and stories by you name it. Or you can have a blog page, I guess.