Thursday, June 22, 2017

Time Travel'n With Jim Steranko

1973, an this nerd wantsto come over to my crib (I'm a junior in veryhigh school, so my crib is a basement), and besides all these Frazetta covers he thinks I havenae seen (neenerneener, I HAVE seenem), he brings the first issue of Steranko's Comixscene, which is news to me (I traded for it, then sold for beer money a year later).  So....I suscribe, then dunnae even know my mail'n address (college, parental divorce, etc.etc.) and missed this issue.  At college, however, I master an early video game called Bi-plane, and become a legend.  cool


  1. Hey I remember Mediascene well. That it where I first heard of a crazy movie coming out called "Star Wars".

  2. May 25th, it was Travolta from Grease would say, "Itssoweird" that is so embedded