Saturday, June 10, 2017

Anomaly #4 Page by Rich Corben

Soooo....Anomaly was a fanzine for three issues, amaz'n stuff that dinnae catch on.  The third issue had Encounter At War, a great Corben story that sufffered in printing/production/whatnot.  Jan Strnad brought it back in issue 4 (now an underground?), and it looked like this.  sweet.  Holla if you want to see the rest


  1. Anomaly is an apt description. The story started as a text piece by Strnad, was finished as a comic story in the fanzine and was redrawn in a different version for the underground appearance. Beautiful but weird.

  2. you may have read on Russ's comment, Corben redrew it for #4, so I'll do a comparison with the version from #3