Friday, June 23, 2017

Mordo!! You've Changed!! by Steve Ditko

Mordo (or is it?) VS Doc Strange.  Cap'n tries to always end without punctuation, so I'm amazed by all the DOUBLE punctuation


  1. Now those magical blasts and shields are how I see 'magic" done but sigh no where close in the movie.

  2. So weird you said that, because my partner in crime for all things super-heroic is back from Argentina in a few days, and I'm hop'n I can finally sit down and see this movie (a year late!). Spider-Man movies suffer the same fate, as will The Creeper and Blue Beetle movies (if I ever get my way). Ditko is a master of his medium, but no way will actors ever be able to contort their bodies to look like Ditko figures

  3. Oh yeah but wouldn't it be cool if they DID, as a homage to Ditko?