Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fafrd by Jeff Jones

This is kinda interest'n (at least to me), but I just picked up this latter edition of Swords Against Wizardry.  I've always found the original publications to be much better as far as cover art, but this frontispiece is actually bigger, better, faster, stronger than when it first came outa the gate


  1. Picked up, how do you mean. Amazon? Abebooks? Shoplifting? The days of scouring used books stores does not work much for me anymore, as they do not even carry these older paperbacks,but hey we have the internet. I just bought "The Lost Valley of Iskander-Illustrated Edition" with Jones and Kaluta artwork from my closer personal friends at Amazon.

  2. I've bought (or traded for) a ton of PBs at the used book stores, but che nice on the earth humor, as Mork would say