Thursday, April 14, 2016

Dan Brand by Frank Frazetta

I'll try to do a bigger post soon, but I'd be remiss to not put anything up about Fritz's most prolific comic work


  1. Real strong influence of Hal Foster's Tarzan on this one.

    1. Interest'n observation--I know Foster was a Steranko influence, but maybe Hal reached further than I thought---you coulda just given me a great post--The Hal Foster effect on all my favs

  2. Images from Foster actually show up in Fritz's early comics. And, for fun, compare their signatures.

    Foster was also a big influence on Wally Wood (in Two-Fisted Tales and about a million parodies especially. Check out all of the fantasy stories for Marvel and the "Vengeance of the Armored Arm" in Gold Key's Boris Karloff comic.) Roy Krenkel did a Sunday page called Gwynwyn that is an uncanny imitation of Prince Valiant. Going all the way back to the beginnings of comics you trip over images lifted from Foster and Raymond. And that influence extends easily into the sixties, especially anytime Medieval subjects came up. Kubert's work on The Viking Prince and Tarzan, Russ Heath in the Brave and the Bold...

    You could call your post "the Foster is strong in this one."

  3. True allllll that, and you dinnae even go into some of my favs, like the octopus in Steranko's Nick Fury, or Etrigan in Kirby's The Demon (Wally did some great swipes for Marvel)....this is gonna be big