Saturday, April 16, 2016

Batman VS Cap'n America by Jack Kirby

THIS is how dumb I am....over twenty years ago, and this kid John Morrow is ask'n for Kirby stuff for his new Kirbyzine, and I send this thick letter full of all whatIthinkisobscureKirby, and he ignores the Cap'n VS Batman, and asks me where I found Big Barda!  Sheeeeeesh! Also, here's Jim Steranko ALSO do'n Batman pencils

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  1. I vaguely recall a story that Goodman wanted a hero to imitate Batman and that Kirby's response was the design for Black Bolt, who does bear some thematic similarities, like the otherwise meaningless ribbed wings. But this was before the TV show, so the story may be inaccurate. Kirby did once do an alternate design for Batman himself,though. Very strange.