Thursday, January 8, 2015

House Ads by Various

 Dang, but that Various guy is good, neh?  Dunnae what happened, but four more I meant  to put up here... ah, here they are


  1. Months ago I wrote you and said I had a piece of Barry Smith art I felt you had not yet seen, but we could not figure out how to get it to you. I see you have found it though. It's the "Vision" piece for Adventure week. I had saved it from an old local tv guide. Nice to see it pop up on your site.

    1. Hey, Rick, I just did yer name in my search engine, and a nice post about this art pops up from last July

  2. Rick, my bad if this was all in my head (I'm so old it coulda been), but I thought we talked about how inept I am at computers, and you decided to send it to a tumblr (goliathe child? sump'n like that), then told me it was up over there, then I put it up, but credited your amaz'n find. If it dinnae go down like this, for some reason I thought that all happened, and I do apologize