Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Coupla Nick Fury by Lee Weeks (Thanx, Leslie!) and John Buscema

I know I'm always post'n Fury by Steranko, but these are quite tasty


  1. Any chance the first 'Fury' is by an artist named Lee Weeks (or maybe Weaks?) and not JB? It looks more his (Mr. Weeks) style. Thanks.

    (by the way love your blog)

  2. Oh, my heck! Thank you for pointing this out before too many views...unfortunately, I often have six or seven hundred images that I'm "think'n bout posting sometime," and my ego is such, I think I can spot all my favs if there's no sig, but then sump'n like THIS happens. Soon as I googled Nick Fury Lee Weeks, this image (and a bunch of other great ones) popped up

    (by the way, Leslie, you have excellent taste)