Thursday, December 4, 2014

Back to the Future With Conan the Buccaneer by Frank Frazetta

Yesterday, I found this pretty pristine copy of the original print of the PB--the "it was crap" version accord'n to Fritz--and needed to post for the umpteenth time.  I keep trying to show you the awe I experienced at the Citadel Mall bookstore that day in 1972 when I first saw this cover, and of course I never can quite relay it


  1. Those were some great days! Covers by Frazetta, Bama, Steranko, Kane. God, how I miss walking into a book store (what are those?) or a 5 and dime or even a liquor store and seeing a spinner rack of paperbacks with, beautiful, enticing covers.

  2. Oh, yeah....found some of the best stuff at 7-11 back then, when it opened at 7 and closed at 11