Sunday, November 23, 2014

Kamandi #2 by Berni Wrightson

Recently Scott (who owns a Berni Wrightson original, so he has some clout) asked me if I knew about the Shadow ad in Kamandi #2, which caused me to snort of course! and explain the whole Steranko/Wrightson?Kaluta thingie about The Shadow.  Kinda glad we had all three tackle him


  1. The ad was a tryout page done by Wrightson when DC announced they had the rights to the Shadow and were looking for an artist.
    Though he didn't get the gig, Bernie did end up helping out Kaluta by assisting in both penciling and inking #3 and contributing to #4 along with Howard Chaykin and Steve Hickman.
    (Conversely, Kaluta and Wrightson also assisted Chaykin on Seaboard/Atlas' pulp-style hero, The Scorpion's second issue)

  2. Thanks for all the great info, especially on The Scorpion #2. As Miss Congeniality would say, "I had nooo idea!" Also news to me about Shadow #4, although #3 was always apparent- like half Wrightson almost