Saturday, November 22, 2014

Conan Saga #2 Cover by Barry Smith

So I think I have this sequence right.  At the end of Conan Saga #1, we see this rough of what the next cover will be, then a more completed picture, then a change to the cover being about Tower Of The Elephant instead of Devil Wings Over Shadizar, then THAT piece gets changed to more what the tower is described as in Robert E. Howard's story, then the published cover (phew!).  While the finished cover is great, it sorta feels like we missed out on two more great covers, and Conan Sagas were all about the covers


  1. And the interiors. At least here you can appreciate the art. I'd still like to see a decent color omnibus, because these comics were great in the original color, but the Dark Horse reprints are just painful to look at, and that's all we get until the rights are transferred elsewhere.

    That Devil Wings cover would've indeed been cool to see completed.

  2. True dat on the Dark Horse colors, but the original comics were the best on the interiors. Even Conan Saga lagged for me, except they gave us Conan #7 in pencil form, and the alternate cover for Conan #13