Sunday, November 23, 2014

Coupla Watery Wally Wood

First an EC weird sci-fantasy, then ink'n Gil Kane on Undersea Agent #5, onea my fav covers (numerous posts).  This is all lead'n to my diggin out Undersea Agent #6 and scanning IT, cuz no one has done it justice on the web, and it is truly a beaut


  1. I don't see any evidence of Wood on Undersea Agent #5, but I may not be looking closely enough. The cover for 6, though is definitely inked by Wood and of a piece with those record album covers you posted a little while back.

    A bit of trivia that I can't recall the source of : apparently there was a move by distributors to force publishers of new comics to use the larger 25 cent size to improve their cut on units sold. This is why so many new comics were double sized during a boom period for super-heroes. The Spirit, Fighting American and other Harvey "Thrillers" ( some of which also had Wood art), Tower Comics, Milson (that wretched version of Captain Marvel), Lightning ( C.C. Beck's Fatman) and even Marvel, who began the Silver Surfer and various reprint titles in double-sized books --again, allegedly--because they were compelled to by their distributor. Now, I happen to love big, thick comics, but subsequent history suggests this was a bit much for the marketplace. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  2. Most of it, yeah, but thanks for the trip down memory lane (I have the memory of Doris in Finding Nemo-squat-so I forgot I already posted UA #6 and forgot to mention that amaz'n Gil Kane cover is "rumored" to be inked by Wood). I too love the thickness of the quarter mags (making New Gods #7 and Silver Surfer #4 darn near perfect in my humble opinion). Again, thanks for the great comment