Saturday, May 2, 2015

Warrior Fanzine #3 Cover by Barry Smith

Barry Smith and Frank Frazetta were the definitive Conan artists, and this is onea Barry's best, I feel, but this was only sold in Engalund (price 15p), so I've never seen it right.  If anyone can help a fellow american down on his art-luck, I'd be much appreciative


  1. Naaah - Frazetta and BWS are terrific, but I reckon ya gotta put Buscema in there too!!! He may have turned out a lot of humdrum stuff over the years, but when he was inspired, I reckon he was SUPERB!!!

  2. Ah, great, now you got me crav'n Conan the Rogue again! Buscema said it was his best Conan work, I've seen amaz'n snippets, but still haven't found it

    1. I actually DO have it. (Found it amongst a pack of all the Conan GNs someone was selling - they obviously didn't know what they had because I got the lot for less than what Rogue by itself was going for :-) It's really nice. The trouble is, because of the way it's bound, it's very hard to scan without breaking the back of the book. (BTW - I'm Shane. Don't know why this machine insists on having my wife's name here. Luckily tho, I really like her :-)

  3. Well, Shane, as the great Napoleon Dynamite once said, "Lucky..."