Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mystery of The Moon Men by Frank Frazetta

Luis recently commented on my post of this from two years ago that what was true then is still true (at least for Luis and I), that no decent version of this art was out there.  He speculates that something may have befallen the original, which somehow I had never thought of.  As I had said on my old post, I had traded or sold many Fritz paperbacks when the Ballantine books started coming out, and this never made it into those, so I posted many lesser versions (everything I could find).  Since that original post, I had again obtained the paperback, and here it is.  Thanks, Luis!  You're right, I think, in finding this to be the best version of the available images.  If anyone has knowledge of this art, please clue us in


  1. Hi,
    I asked Holly Frazetta 2014, what happened to the original Moon Men Painting and she had no clue. She thought perhaps her parents sold it but wasn't sure. Funny thing it appears on the Legacy paperback so I am assuming they reprinted it for that book cover. This painting has special meaning to me as well since it was the first Frazetta Painting that captured me and inspired me to copy it with plastic model enamel paints. Obvious it was a crude version but it hung in my grandparent's home until they passed away and I got it back. I continued to paint with oils into my High School days, sold a number of Frazetta copies to friends for $35. It gave me the fever to stay with it/art and seek some professional instruction at a good art school. I was accepted at PA Academy of the Fine Arts and eventually majored in sculpture. However I have never forgot my first inspiration, Frank Frazetta. I wrote to him through the years and never received a reply. Figured he got many such requests.

  2. Thanks for this amaz'n, insightful comment! Moon Men came late for me (like I've said, Conan the Adventurer was the first "mind blown" view of Fritz), but it truly does haunt