Sunday, March 1, 2015

Who Is This Is? by Gil Kane

Great-great, but no idea who, if anyone, this is


  1. Back in the 70s Gil Kane was enlisted by Ariel/Morningstar Press to package some hardcover graphic novels. I believe Kane was responsible for Richard Corben signing on to illustrate Bloodstar as part of the line.
    Kane pulled out of doing The Flame Horse because of some falling out with the publisher. I don't know the details on any of this, but I remember something about Ariel getting the printing rights to Corben's Neverwhere (Den) for peanuts.My recollection is that Den was running in the magazine Ariel, in the paperbound Neverwhere and Metal Hurlant almost simultaneously.

    Considering that this text-heavy hardbound long-form graphic novel was just the sort of project Kane was passionate about, it's a shame it never materialized.

    An intriguing sidebar: in the issue of Mediascene that carried the Flame Horse centerspread, Steranko mentioned that Kane had asked him to ink the Flame Horse. Kane pencils, Steranko inks on a sword and sorcery graphic I said, intriguing.

  2. Many thanks, Russ! Another bittersweet "coulda been a contender" from the Gil Kane fantasy factory