Monday, March 30, 2015

A Trio by Dennis Fujitake

My second favorite fan artist of the golden decade of fanzines (1965 to 1975) was Fujitake, just a nose behind Bob Kline, and I never even knew about these!  They were inside Chronicle, which had the third great fanzine artist, Fantucchio, on the cover.  Please search all three fan artists here if I'm speak'n gibberish


  1. One fan artist who intrigued me was Bil Maher (not the guy on HBO) who promoted a character called the Scarecrow in Sal Quartuccio's Hot Stuf (not the devil kid). Various teasers and pin-ups were published, but as far as I know. an actual story never showed up.

    Also the very individualistic John Fantucchio. Kline and Fujitake, I agree, were and are great.