Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Then Came Bronson by Jack Kirby

Not really, but "I'm an idea man, Chuck" as Michael Keaton said in his first flick, Night Shift.  Then Came Bronson was a TV series in 1969-1970 about a guy who takes off on his bike "to find himself," and along the way helps folks and learns and teaches life lessons.  Kirby didn't title this, but it has often struck me as the beginning of a cosmic version of that television series


  1. The "Searching for America Theme" was really in the air during this time. Almost contemporaneously with Bronson was Dennis Hopper's Easy Rider. I'd guess there was inspiration originally from Kerouac's On the Road and (in the case of Bronson at least) the Beat influenced Route 66. It probably got into a lot more comics than I remember, but there was Jason's Quest from DC. And of course Green Lantern/ Green Arrow is all about the Search for America.

  2. Thanks for an incredible comment! I took a date to Easy Rider at the theater, and Green Lantern/ Green Arrow was a fav