Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fantastic Four #1 Cover by Jack Kirby

Not sure if I'm following this correctly (and ya know my only mistake was saying I never make mistakes), but apparently this original splash page sold today for 1 MILLION dollars, and may be Jack's first attempt at the cover for FF #1.  It was published as a splash page in Strange Tales #96.  Certainly looks a lot like the published cover, and if someone's dropping the same amount of moolah as Dr. Evil demanded to spare the world, I'd assume they've done their homework.  Even if it's not truly the first FF cover, I know Frazettas are commanding a cool mil, so why not Kirbys?  And it truly is a beautiful drawing


  1. I wanted to say how much I appreciate all the postings of art by Jack Kirby. I grew up enjoying (and was in awe of) his work. I thought I had seen almost everything from him, but then you revealed the "Valentine's Book": Amazing! Not just unseen Kirby, but work almost from his peak! have a lot of the gathered "Portfolio" books that he published, so I recognize maybe more of these drawings than your average reader, but you still manage to surprise me with some obscure (to me) pieces. I am so grateful for your gallery of Jack's (and of course others') wonderful art. Thank you for bringing this amazing collection to the web! Are you in contact with "The Kirby Museum"? I'm sure they would love to link to your amazing collection.THANK YOU!

  2. Sincerest thanks! This blog is just a humble gathering of my favorite art, but I really do appreciate the kind words. Several years ago, the Kirby Museum listed me as a great resource for Jack Kirby obscura, and I still see many visitors from that link--unfortunately, I have no organizational inclinations (tags, links, etc.), but I have to agree with their wonderful assessment of this blog- "What a doozy!" If you have the time and energy, I think you'll always find something to your liking