Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kirby Unleashed by Jack Kirby

Okay, let me bend yer ear...I just got the Original Kirby Unleashed Portfolio from 1971, and, boy, are my arms tired!  What a grail--what a Lollapalooza!  John Morrow did a great job with the reprint from a few years back (much better than some other reprints, but don't get me started), but, wow, there really ain't noth'n like the real thing.  I have never (NEVER) seen such detail on onea my favs as this sucka has--just look at the pencils on the Watcher, or the embiggenned centerfold (sorry, but my scanner can't fit it all in at once)....this leads me to wonder why TwoMorrows hasn't given the masses the Jack Kirby Masterworks portfolio, but maybe it's in the works


  1. He had the greatest imagination for things that did not exist than any comic artist..ever.