Thursday, December 5, 2013

Chandler by Jim Steranko

If you embiggen the first two, we're good to go on the rest.  Sorry, Tony, but I was unable to find the scan from Comics Sketchbooks, although I've seen it, with Chandler striking a dramatic pose at a shoeshine stand.  I've had two great run-ins with shoeshine guys in Denver.  One was "I'm call'n you bumble bee, cuz you got three honeys! (I was walking with my three girls)" and the other was "Let me shine them Sketchers, and I bet you'll catch her!"  Ya gotta love the big city


  1. I literally just finished reading Chandler via interlibrary loan. I note that some of those more detailed black and white illustrations were not in the book, so it was good to see here.

    1. Yep, several illustrations were done after the original novel, which I occasionally take out in its tiny first format and just marvel at-it was so innovative. Hope to put up at least one more, and che cool on the co-inky-dink