Monday, June 10, 2013

Thank You, Heather and Andrew!!! My Very Own Jim Steranko From Denver Comicon!!!!

Just received the most amazing present from an amazing couple-my own personalized autographed print of the Spirit of America.  I had given Heather my Comicon ticket when I found out I had a scheduling conflict with the big roadtrip.  Well, not only did Andrew buy another ticket to accompany his lady, but they also stood in line for an hour to meet Steranko, and to buy me this print.  Wow.  I   am   floored    This isn't my copy (mine is in a nice glass frame), but you should embiggen to see how nice it is.  On my autograph, Steranko implores me to "Keep America Safe".   Gladly.  With friends like these, I can take on a slew of enemies

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