Sunday, June 9, 2013

Good News/ Bad News

Just got back from a ten day va-kay, and it was a blast!  We went to Disneyland (ever danced with the mouse in the pale moonlight?), Universal, Seaworld, and Vegas.  Nothing really comix on the trip, but I dug staring at these Thomas Kinkade paintings, and this sculpture by Richard Macdonald made me think of Cyclops (especially after I added the red line).  Bad news, though, was that for five of us to co-ordinate such a major National Lampoon type trip, I had to give up my dream of finally going to a comicon, and missed my chance to meet Steranko.  The only thing Jim Steranko on the whole trip was discovering this 1969 Rolling Stone UK cover while surfing the net (in Laguna!).   Que sera sera, as Doris Day useta warble, whatever will be, will be.  Guess I'll just have to cool my heels until I can get my grubby little mitts on STERANKO from Vanguard.  It's gonna be great great, I can just feel it


  1. Who needs Kirby, Steranko, Frazetta etc compared to Thomas Kinkade!

  2. I know you jest, Mike, but Kinkade's glowing lights are right up there with Corben's airbrush work, methinks