Tuesday, May 9, 2023

The Flame by John Fantucchio

Oh, my heck!  Yeah, yeah, so broke I cannae even pay attention, etc., etc., blahblahblah... but really, I seem to have been clueless about The Flame.  Here's John's first three published fanzine illos.  The first one I've had up before, and the third I at least admit I've seen it a bunch, but the second published illo, inside the fanzine The Golden Age #1....I have no recollection until now.  Almost as wild to me as John's Lone Ranger that I yakked up a while back


  1. Woof, that's so early he hasn't even figured out his signature yet. Incredible.

    1. Thanks for always bring'n us back to the importante stuff, which somehow I usually forget/repress/ignore. The sig really jumps out at us here, somehow more cartoony than the "1776" constitutional sig we're more accustomed to. Again, you're inspir'n a post idea, some Fantucchio sig timeline we can just cruise along like the wing of a museum. Lot of my favs on here have at least two signature styles, but I know of at least three for John, and maybe we'll find more