Thursday, January 5, 2023

Infinity #1 Fanzine Cover by Berni Wrightson

Yeah, yeah, another fundundant image on here (although this one's biggerbetterfasterstronger).  Also, it got me think'n about Berni's pointy-eared friends from that era.  I bet Wrightson coulda rocked Spock


  1. The odd one for me is Vaughn Bode, who did spot illos for some early Star Trek fanzine, including a fairly accurate Spock portrayal. I was a bit too late to catch Infinity # 1, but got a few of that later issues from TBG back in the golden era.

    1. Right there withya on the early Infinity. All I recall is see'n an ad for #4 and immediately ordering it. Bode did some unusual stuff early on, but I had no clue he tackled Spock