Monday, August 7, 2017

A Princess Of Mars by Frank Frazetta

Soooo...the bookclub cover is very green, and 23 years later the auctioned original is not


  1. Okay, I have a copy of that book, and it doesn't look like that; it looks like what you posted on July 7, 2012. What's really weird is if you compare these with the other two scans of the painting that you posted back then, which show it as it appeared in the 1977 Frazetta Book Two collection. At first glance they're exactly the same painting until you look closely at the figure of Dejah Thoris which was reworked at some point changing dozens of little details of lighting, posture, costume and facial expression. I'm guessing the other version was probably the original and had to be changed because it was deemed too sexy with its larger boobs and visibly tense inner thigh muscle.

  2. Went back to check, and I'm think'n you mean yours is more frayed (but still green?). I was blessed to walk into onea my favorite haunts a while back and find all the martian bookclub books in che nice condition, so that one is up here. Granted that Doubleday could've printed this in a lime tint to enhance the title, but you raise some interesting points (double entende) with Dejah Thoris. In 1977, she is va-va-voom in Betty's Book Two, but in 1970 AND 1993, she is not. S'weird

  3. Just as strange-Fritz's signature